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Common conditions treated with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

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Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese medical art of inserting fine needles around the body in specific places called "Acupoints", and stimulating them in order to exert a therapeutic effect. The ancient Chinese, unlike Western anatomists, were more concerned about the energetic pathways of the body. Despite this, raw anatomy to them was not something new, but it was long since recognized that higher workings of the human body existed that are more crucial in the disease process. These energetic pathways, called "meridians", circulate the vital energy via 14 distinct routes, traversing the entire body. They are neither nerves, blood vessels, lymph, nor any other pathways known to man. Today, the exact nature of "meridians" is still a mystery. While various research has suggested the possible nature of meridians, none offer a conclusive explanation. Yet, something is definitely there. By using traditional Acupuncture theories in clinical practice, the validity of "meridians" can be indirectly proven, for example. It is energy imbalances in the meridians that cause disease first, prior to problems in the physical pathways.

Acupuncture is a highly effective treatment for pain. This is frequently reported, and is not a lie. For example, Dr.Wang's treatments often produces IMMEDIATE reduction of pain in the first treatment. Patients who suffer from chronic pain and who have taken painkillers, gone to other modalities without much relief, often experience dramatic results from Acupuncture. The reason is, as stated above, that the non- tangible energy meridians are a higher order to the physical pathology of, for example, the nerves and blood vessels. In a sense, by using Acupuncture to treat the meridians, the pathology of physical networks like nerves, blood vessels, tendons and muscles automatically reorganize and rebalance themselves, thereby eliminating pain naturally without side-­effects.

Acupuncture is not merely for pain treatment. It is also useful for multitudes of systemic and organ ailments such as digestive problems, allergies and gynecological conditions. When combined with Chinese Herbal Medicine, the therapeutic effect is even greater.


1. Does Acupuncture hurt?
---When the needles are inserted, some patients may feel a slight prick but that is often the most they will feel. Other patients simply do not feel anything at all. Instead patients will often instead feel a relaxing and numbing sensation which often puts them in a very calm state.

2. Are Acupuncture needles big?
---Acupuncture needles are extremely thin, multiple Acupuncture needles could fit in just one syringe needle. That's super thin!

3. Is Acupuncture safe?
---Acupuncture is a time tested modality with a long track record of safety. Acupuncture is very safe because the needles used are all single-use pre-sterilized and individually packaged needles. Areas that are needled are also cleaned with alcohol first before Acupuncture needles are inserted.