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Recent Cases

Some interesting cases lately. On top of the regular back pain patients that I treat everyday I've also come across quite a few neck pain patients. The majority of them complain of some kind of pain when rotating or bending their heads; others have issues that spain the entire neck and upper back even to the shoulder area. One of the styles of acupuncture that I do is called Distal Acupuncture technique which is not putting needles in the problem area but instead on the arms and leg. The reason is because we don't want to irritate the problem area any further. I say this because quite a few patients already tell me they've had 'acupuncture' done before by physiotherapists. The 'acupuncture' physiotherapists do is technically called 'dry-needling', not 'acupuncture'. 'Dry-needling' is primarily putting needles in the problem area. Sometimes that causes the opposite effect unfortunately. The majority of these patients are much better after about 4 treatments where I did not put 1 single needle in the neck or upper back.

Another case I'm treating is some sort of neuropathy of the finger tips, causing numbness. In one of my earlier posts I talked about a similar patient. Both patients while being of different age have generally speaking the same issue. The current patient I'm treating is improving owing to the herbal medicine that I've added on top of the acupuncture treatment. This patient in particular likely has a hormonal component to her problem based on the positive response I got from the herbal medicine I prescribed.

Another patient came to me complaining of rib side pain. This is frequently called 'costochondritis', which means inflammation of the soft tissues of the ribs. The problem quickly went away with a few courses of herbal medicine to improve the blood flow across the area.

Another patient has been treated for over a month now with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. As a businessman his pulse resembled that of someone who hasn't slept much, which of course was true in his case. The entire nervous system, endocrine, and liver function was completely out of line. (In dense urban centers where people often work in the office over 12 hours a day, cases like this is common. When the body can no longer handle it some people might suddenly just collapse.) All those issues are now much better. His blood pressure is lower as well.

There are many others but I'll leave that for another time.