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Recent Cases 2

Couple of cases recently to share with you guys.

Typical back pain patient. Very tight paraspinal muscles. When I palpated it it felt two sticks go up both sides of the spine, like a tight rope. Patient stands all day, so I suspect it's due to the sustained posture causing the tension to perpetuate. Most of the acupuncture needles were done on the arms and legs. 2 treatments later the patient's main issue of morning stiffness had largely improved. 2 more treatments later and the patient was well prepared for his vacation. He asked me why I barely put any needles on his back? This is traditional Chinese acupuncture, not IMS.

A female patient comes to my clinic to address her hormonal issues. Presents as the typical syndrome where nothing can be specifically found to be the main complaint. Seems like a little of this and that everywhere. I do acupuncture for her chronic muscle pain and herbs to "balance the hormones"(in reality Chinese herbs are prescribed to balance out her entire body systems, not just hormones). 2 treatments later muscle pain a lot better and overall body feels very good, sleeps like a baby. Patient tells me she's starting to really like the herbal tea. I tell her if you continue to respond well then don't hesitate to go back for a blood test or whatever panel you had to see whether the numbers improve.

Another patient I have been treating her abdominal bloating for some time. All tests and scans negative or inconclusive. But the bloating is so unbearable, couldn't eat much. After a few visits switching different herbal prescriptions finally the bloating is stabilized. Sometimes patients have to have patience as the doctor tries to use different approaches to solve the problem.

Another male patient has a similar digestive issue. But primarily is focused on the bad breath and nausea. Both problems are now under control with Chinese herbs and his back pain has largely improved as well with acupuncture, again no needles on the back. Interestingly, when he was initially on the herbs, his gut was said to feel and SOUND like it was 'decrunching', and excreted a lot of things I suspect had been in there for some time.