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Common conditions treated with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

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Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese medical art of inserting fine needles around the body in specific places called "Acupoints", and stimulating them in order to exert a therapeutic effect. The ancient Chinese, unlike Western anatomists, were more concerned about the energetic pathways of the body. Despite this, raw anatomy to them was not something new, but it was long since recognized that higher workings of the human body existed that are more crucial in the disease process. These energetic pathways, called "meridians", circulate the vital energy via 14 distinct routes, traversing the entire body. They are neither nerves, blood vessels, lymph, nor any other pathways known to man. Today, the exact nature of "meridians" is still a mystery. While various research has suggested the possible nature of meridians, none offer a conclusive explanation. Yet, something is definitely there. By using traditional Acupuncture theories in clinical practice, the validity of "meridians" can be indirectly proven, for example. It is energy imbalances in the meridians that cause disease first, prior to problems in the physical pathways.

Acupuncture is a highly effective treatment for pain. This is frequently reported, and is not a lie. For example, Dr.Wang's treatments often produces IMMEDIATE reduction of pain in the first treatment. Patients who suffer from chronic pain and who have taken painkillers, gone to other modalities without much relief, often experience dramatic results from Acupuncture. The reason is, as stated above, that the non- tangible energy meridians are a higher order to the physical pathology of, for example, the nerves and blood vessels. In a sense, by using Acupuncture to treat the meridians, the pathology of physical networks like nerves, blood vessels, tendons and muscles automatically reorganize and rebalance themselves, thereby eliminating pain naturally without side-­effects.

Acupuncture is not merely for pain treatment. It is also useful for multitudes of systemic and organ ailments such as digestive problems, allergies and gynecological conditions. When combined with Chinese Herbal Medicine, the therapeutic effect is even greater.


1. Does Acupuncture hurt?
---When the needles are inserted, some patients may feel a slight prick but that is often the most they will feel. Other patients simply do not feel anything at all. Instead patients will often instead feel a relaxing and numbing sensation which often puts them in a very calm state.

2. Are Acupuncture needles big?
---Acupuncture needles are extremely thin, multiple Acupuncture needles could fit in just one syringe needle. That's super thin!

3. Is Acupuncture safe?
---Acupuncture is a time tested modality with a long track record of safety. Acupuncture is very safe because the needles used are all single-use pre-sterilized and individually packaged needles. Areas that are needled are also cleaned with alcohol first before Acupuncture needles are inserted.

Clinic Visit Rules during Covid 19

For your safety and our safety, please take note of and follow the following clinic guidelines prior to and during your visit.

  • must have face MASK at all times(regular non-surgical/hospital/medical use face covers made by cloth such as handkerchiefs, bandanas, etc. are not allowed), if at any time is taken off, we can refuse treatment right away and patient will be escorted out
  • see here for example of allowed face mask
  • urinate in your home before coming
  • you will be asked to sanitize your hands and have your temperature checked before entering, if your temperature exceeds 37 C then you will not be permitted to enter and should go consult MD for further checkup if required
  • shoes are not permitted inside the clinic; therefore please leave your shoes outside the entrance prior to entering
  • wear clean clothes for your visit
  • wear a clean and new face mask for your visit
  • no touching things, keep your hand exposure to things inside clinic to minimum
  • only one person may be allowed in at one time, family members included unless they serve as supporting persons(physical support, translation support, etc.)
  • put your belongings only in the treatment room
  • our clinic follows set guidelines and protocols stringently and is covid-free so if after you visit our clinic and are later tested for covid 19 you absolve us of blame or any ties
  • prior to your visit you must be sure with 100% certyainty that you do not have any coughing, fever, history of near-term outside travel outside lower mainland, no history of near term of being in congregations of 10 people or more, no sore throat, no aches and pains throughout whole body, no sudden onset of fatigue, no headaches outside of what you may have chronically, loss of taste or smell, no skin rash, no toe or finger discoloration as of recent, no sudden onset of conjunctivitis, no diarrhea, no dryness of throat
  • you are aware of what acupuncture is and we keep in-clinic communication to a minimum
  • Due to the seriousness of the issue the following clause may offend certain individuals.
    Covid-19 is a serious public health threat to everyone and we reserve the right to protect ourselves, the clinic and patients coming to see us by refusing to take certain individuals as patients or terminate treatment/visits prematurely if we feel it is unsafe to treat such individuals in close contact. Reasons may include refusal to wear face masks during treatment, not believing in Covid-19 as an actual health threat, thinking Covid-19 is not real, believing the government has blown the pandemic out of proportion, engaging in overly frequent social gatherings, not wearing face masks in social settings or in public, and/or any other reason which we deem is unsafe to work with such individuals. Note this includes new patients who have not come as well as patients who have come and are in the middle of treatment. This is neither a human rights issue nor discriminatory against certain people, but is instead a public health issue where the greater health of more people takes precedence over the case of one person. We are not forcing our viewpoints onto any people so please seek other healthcare professionals if you cannot agree with this.
  • no refunds for treatment, if you come and for whatever reason we cannot proceed with treatment or have to terminate treatment prematurely, no refunds are provided. This is because prior to your visit, intake has already been done and that already counts as consultation which is within the treatment itself.
  • intake of your health history is done online or over the phone, download the form here and fill it out and sign it and send back to us before you come, we will do further email or phone communication if required so that in-clinic communication is kept to minimum