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Treatment Rate Schedule

In-person acupuncture Rate------------------------------$80/Visit

4 visit package---------------------------------n/a

Chinese Herbal Medicine Initial Consult-----------------------$80

Chinese Herbal Medicine Subsequent visits/consult/---------------------$70

Treatment Discounts:
4 Visit acupuncture package---n/a

We direct bill all major insurance providers BUT...:
Direct Billing does not mean you won't have to pay anything yourself. It just means the practitioner is able to bill the insurance company directly. However there is still the case that you might have to pay a portion of the fees yourself, because your insurance may not cover completely, due to limited coverage, limited deductible, etc. Insurance plans are constructed differently, some pay 100% per visit until it runs out, some pay 50%-80% per visit, some pay only after your deductible runs out, etc. Oftentimes patients have no idea how much insurance they actually have, let alone how much there is left if it's been used before, and practitioners certainly won't have any idea to this private information either. So there are many occasions where people come thinking that they will be covered only realizing that it isn't the case. Please make sure you understand your coverage before consider direct billing.
Or you can just provide us your full name, birthdate and insurance policy number and we can check for you to see how much you are covered at least for the first visit before you come.
We ACCEPT ICBC claims now. Please bring your claim number when coming.

Question: How many treatments do I need?
Answer: Based on our clinical experience chronic patients require typically at least around 8-10 treatments for good clinical outcome, but skin conditions and fertility issues take longer. The same for other complex multi-organ issues. Treatments take time to work and assess so the bare minimum is usually 4 visits, which depending on how often you choose to come in at will vary anywhere from 1.5 weeks to 1 month.

All fees final.

Fees subject to change without notice, please visit regularly for timely updates