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Common conditions treated with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

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Treatment Rate Schedule

In-person Treatment Rate------------------------------$100/Visit

Telemedicine Herbal treatment----------------------- $60/consult with herbs
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Treatment Discounts:
4 Visit In-person Treatment Plan---$240
Save $60 over 4 visits

We accept ICBC claims now. If your MVA happened after Apr 1, 2019 then you are automatically eligible for up to 12 visits with ICBC covering the costs for you. Please bring your claim number when booking.

Question: How many treatments do I need?
Answer: Based on our clinical experience chronic patients require typically at least around 8-10 treatments for good clinical outcome, but skin conditions and fertility issues take longer. Treatments take time to work and assess so the bare minimum is usually 4 visits and hence patients are highly recommended to sign up for a 4 visit treatment plan for which there is a $20 discount as a reward for their commitment. Within 4 visits we will know if more treatments are required.

All fees final.

Fees subject to change without notice, please visit regularly for timely updates