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Dr. Jason Wang is a provincially licensed Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist who is also a long-time resident of Surrey for the last 20 years, serving patients in this growing city with dedication and care.

王医生是省级执业中医师和针灸师,在过去的 20年里也长期居住在素里,以奉献和关怀为这座不断发展的城市的患者服务。王医生说一口流利的普通话。


Clinic Visit Rules during Covid 19

For your safety and our safety, please take note of and follow the following clinic guidelines prior to and during your visit.

  • must have face cover at all times, if at any time is taken off, we can refuse treatment right away and patient will be escorted out
  • urinate in your home before coming
  • you will be asked to sanitize your hands and have your temperature checked before entering, if your temperature exceeds 37 C then you will not be permitted to enter and should go consult MD for further checkup if required
  • shoes are not permitted inside the clinic; therefore please leave your shoes outside the entrance prior to entering
  • wear clean clothes for your visit
  • wear a clean and new face cover for your visit
  • no touching things, keep your hand exposure to things inside clinic to minimum
  • only one person may be allowed in at one time, family members included unless they serve as supporting persons(physical support, translation support, etc.)
  • put your belongings only in the treatment room
  • our clinic follows set guidelines and protocols stringently and is covid-free so if after you visit our clinic and are later tested for covid 19 you absolve us of blame or any ties
  • prior to ypour visit you must be sure with 100% certyainty that you do not have any coughing, fever, history of near-term outside travel outside lower mainland, no history of near term of being in congregations of 10 people or more, no sore throat, no aches and pains throughout whole body, no sudden onset of fatigue, no headaches outside of what you may have chronically, loss of taste or smell, no skin rash, no toe or finger discoloration as of recent, no sudden onset of conjunctivitis, no diarrhea, no dryness of throat
  • you are aware of what acupuncture is and we keep in-clinic communication to a minimum
  • no refunds for treatment, if you come and for whatever reason we cannot proceed with treatment or have to terminate treatment prematurely, no refunds are provided. This is because prior to your visit, intake has already been done and that already counts as consultation which is within the treatment itself.
  • intake of your health history is done online or over the phone, download the form here and fill it out and sign it and send back to us before you come, we will do further email or phone communication if required so that in-clinic communication is kept to minimum
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    Please Note
    Due to the complexities of certain conditions such as cancer and its related situations, I am currently not qualified to treat it. Please seek other practitioners thank you.
    ICBC Claims
    Currently accepting ICBC cases now. Please see FEES section for details.

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    I highly recommend Dr. Wang. This was my first experience with Chinese medicine, and Dr. Wang was very thorough, and helped me with various health problems when my normal GP doctors could not help. I am extremely grateful for his practice.

    A. Viviano, Surrey

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    Clinic Hours & Address:

    Mon-Sun: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

    15532 92A Ave, Surrey
    B.C., Canada, V3R 9B1