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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Powerful Natural Medicine of the Earth

Chinese Medicine is the science of employing natural Oriental botanicals in the treatment of anything from simple discomforts to complex medical conditions. It has an history of at least 2000 years, and can thus be hailed as one of the oldest and most effective forms of herbal medicine in the world. In our clinic, it is an essential modality that we utilize when treating patients who have failed to receive adequate relief either from conventional medicine or even other alternative therapies. We fully stock our own herbal pharmacy which has gone through quality assurance checks so you the patient receive the most effective medicine.

Chinese herbal medicine theory and clinical therapy are a complex system that often gets misunderstood by the mainstream medical community. Conventional scientific ways of thinking simply do not apply to the understanding of why and how Chinese Medicine works. One of the crucial reasons is due to the fact that modern science investigates Chinese Medicine using reductionist approaches and analyzes things one by one and independently from one another, while in real Chinese Medicine, the opposite is true. In our clinic, most of the patients we see come with complex scenarios, which Chinese Medicine understands the best because we see disease from a comprehensive viewpoint and prescribes medicine in such manner as well.

Chinese Medicine has always been a separately independent medical system of East Asia where it now stands side by side with modern healthcare in advanced East Asian countries. Both as a medical system and a cultural achievement, Chinese Medicine is one of the most important pearls of East Asian wisdom, but also a generous gift to the human race. Most importantly, it is a patient-centred modality that places your importance in the treatment process. It is medicine with a human face.