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Insomnia Cases

2 cases of patients suffering from insomnia to share.

The first patient is a female who as a result of work stress has succumbed to difficulty sleeping with disturbing nightmares. Her regular sleeping pills that she has relied upon in the past no longer work. She also had poor appetite and nausea all as a result of the work stress. Her pulse indicated that her nervous system is very tipped towards the sympathetic side, which causes her fight-or-flight response to not be able to shut off. Normally these kind of patients I would simply use herbs but she responded very well to just acupuncture alone and in 4 visits her sleep is much better, appetite is back and nausea is gone.

The 2nd patient is a male who suffers from difficulty sleeping as a result of work stress as well. His pulse also indicated the system has tipped towards the sympathetic side but his Chinese Medicine diagnosis is different from the previous case partly because his hands are cold and often clammy, but mainly because his pulse is not the same as the previous case. He does not suffer from nausea but complains of frequent tension in the stomach. This patient was put on a herbal treatment plan and responded well initially to the insomnia. But his cold hands and clamminess have only begun to improve after 5 6 visits with the stomach tension still needing more work. Clamminess of the hands is a very troublesome problem because it can affect one's social life quite extensively. Fortunately that has improved for him as a result of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture treatment.