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Dr. Wang helped me with my back/leg problems and within 7 days I was pain free. My problems started three months ago when my family doctor advised me to see a chiropractor. After 3 sessions with a chiropractor, I felt no progress whatsoever, so I tried physical therapy. I had 7 sessions with the physiotherapist and even bought TENS machine. My leg was so painful and even Tylenol would not help me reduce the pain. Searching online for acupuncturist I came across Dr. Wang’s website where I found details about how he approached and treated different cases. I found my case as in one of his cases and decided to try him as well. Keep in mind that I exhausted all venues with no positive results, not considering the cost involved. Dr. Wang was very honest during the first appointment and told me that if I see no improvement by the end of the fourth session, it means that acupuncture is not the solution to my problem. I decided to go ahead and take the 4 sessions package at the rate of $40/hour (many acupuncturists in Vancouver charge $120/hour). Every session with Dr. Wang included acupuncture and herbs therapy. Today I had the fourth session; I feel great and all that thanks to Dr. Wang. I recommend Dr. Wang’s service to all my friends and will definitely get back to him should the need arises.

Dana C., North Vancouver, BC

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I had problem with my Ernie(herniated) disc and sciatica nerve then I went to see Dr. Wong. Only after few treatments I started feeling the difference. After couple of months treatments I feel like I am almost back to normal. I highly recommend Dr. Wong to anyone.

Benoit C., Surrey, BC

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Very friendly and proactive... Been there for period pain hormone imbalance taking a while to feel relief but the most i have in years especially compared to west med. Only been there two months but still going have been referring friends as well.

Melinda C., Surrey, BC

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Dr Wang has helped me get mobility back in my knee using acupuncture. 4 sessions had me able to kneel again. Herbs and acupuncture have since been used to treat a long standing issue and it was a brief time before signs of healing were present. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional and I really like that he listens to me when I describe what is going on in my body. I have and will continue to recommend Dr Wang to anyone looking to go the "Chinese Medicine" route. I am so very happy that I found him.

Lynne M., Abbotsford, BC

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Kind and the treatment worked well! I had a severe food poisoning and then afterwards i had lung infection…this made my stomach really ill, i was having some serious diarrhea. he gave me some chinese medicine and some useful life habbit change advice, the next day after i consumed the medicine i could feel my stomach started to warm up and intestines are less tensed. Overall is a five star for the visit.

John L., Surrey, BC

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I was helping my mom look for a TCM doctor that was close to her neighbourhood and decided to try Dr. Wang. He did a great job in improving my mom's chronic pain she had after only one session. She has had follow up sessions and has shown much improvement in reduced pain and greater flexibility. Dr. Wang is very professional and took his time with us from initial diagnosis to treatment during our initial visit. He also treated me for an old injury that has significantly improved after 3 sessions. I would highly recommend Dr. Wang for anyone seeking TCM treatment.

Tony J., Surrey, BC

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Dr Jason is the best what he is doing.My husband was in horrible pain ,sciatica,.Very aggressive treatment for week,then every second days..Two weeks past,he is back to work,amazing,with little of pain and of the day.My husband is a workoholik,painter,staying homie that's means he is very ,very sick .Thank you Dr Jason😎I will recommend you everyone, and talk about you with big respect,you're even put up with me and my millions question .

Regina P., Surrey, BC

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I've been seeing Dr. Wang since the start of the new year, and he has helped me with some health issues. From stress, to muscle/joint pain, to the common cold and more.

The best thing about Dr. Wang is that he really cares about his clients' health and well being. He will respond to my questions via text or email even on the weekends.

Dr. Wang specializes in acupuncture and herbal medicine. He is very patient and will make you feel comfortable with all his treatments.

I would recommend Dr. Wang to anyone who wants a good alternative to their medical doctor. The effective treatment and exceptional service will keep you coming back.

Manuel H., Surrey, BC

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Thank you very much deep down from my heart, for your healing of my long time aches and pains at my shoulders and elbow. I thought those pains are the result of my profession and age, and will stay with me and will only get worse in time. I tried acupuncture treatment once already from another Doctor and did not see any progress, so I already given up. I was skeptical when Buddy introduce you to me and praised about your heart & skill . My eyes were opened when I felt the improvement after a number of treatments by you. Not all Doctors are the same. Although you have your limits as you claimed, but you did what you can to solve my problems I thought I have to live with it for the rest of my life. We are not just Doctor and patient, we are friends if you don't mind. Thank you again.

P/S Helen wants me to thank you for your medication, She feels much better at the areas that was bothering her after just a few dosages.

Ricky & Helen L., Burnaby, BC

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Dr. Wang is the best at what he does - well spoken, very friendly & polite as well.

A. Farooqi, Surrey, BC

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I wish to recommend Dr. Jason Wang, T.C.M. for his expertise, knowledge and compassion. He cares for each patient that comes to him and takes the time to ask questions; listens and responds to any questions a patient might have. I was impressed with the time he spent with me to explain what the symptoms I was experiencing meant. I was physically exhausted and my circulation was poor. He treated me with acupuncture and herbs. Within a six-week time period I began to feel my energy return. My treatments ended the first week of June 2015 and I was able to complete work assignments on time and enjoy a six-day walking holiday in the U.S.A. in July. Without Dr.Wang's treatments I would not have been able to enjoy my holiday and still feel energised and healthy. Thank you, Dr. Wang.

M. O'Hara, Surrey, BC

I highly recommend Dr. Wang. This was my first experience with Chinese medicine, and Dr. Wang was very thorough, and helped me with various health problems when my normal GP doctors could not help. I am extremely grateful for his practice.

A. Viviano, Surrey, BC

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