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Different type of Acupuncture

A lot of people have already been to acupuncture based on what I garner from my patients. Some had it very long time ago while some just had maybe a week prior to coming to see me. There are many types of acupuncture methods tailored towards different types of problems. In my clinic my acupuncture treatments are primarily focused on pain problems with relation to muscle and joint problems. If it's not pain related and instead something to do with the internal organs or nervous/endocrine systems then I also add the crucial aspect of custom herbal medicines on top of acupuncture.

Lately over the last many months I have been treating people with a method of acupuncture which involves resetting the muscles. I've found this to be quite effective for many different types of muscular issues. The hallmark of this type of acupuncture is that it causes the muscles to jump/twitch as a result of the therapy. When the muscle resets, the spasm starts to improve.

I've recently treated somebody with this particular headache on the side of his left eye in the depression just 1 or 2 centimeters lateral to the edge of the left eye. This is the typical area where many women happen to complain of migraine headaches. First it is actually very rare for males to have migraines/headaches of this type. Very rare, at least from what I've seen. The problem has been bothering him for too many years on a 24/7 basis and it is difficult to know if this was a result of head injury or something coming from his inner organ function, which in the case of women happens to be a major factor. To be safe and not miss anything I prescribed herbal medicine for his internal imbalance based on his pulse reading and used acupuncture for his headache. The first few treatments didn't yield much results. When I switched to the muscle-resetting acupuncture method, the improvement became more obvious. After 8 visits the pain is only an issue if the patient actually stops what he is doing and concentrate on his pain area. The was in stark contrast to the past when the pain takes his attention non-stop. The patient has also decided to pursue some of his previous endeavors he had to put off because of this headache.

Muscle and many joint problems majority speaking arise from muscle spasms, whether the patient feels the spasm or not. A given muscle has a particular optimal resting length, which allows it to contract and stretch without tearing itself, or causing strain on the areas it attaches to, which often are joint areas such as the elbows and knees. If a muscle spasms, in other words shortened, any activity that makes it stretch or contract becomes painful because you are pulling on a muscle that is already being strained on one end. If you try to contract it then you strain it on the other end. Muscle resetting acupuncture allows the muscle to gradually relax so that it starts to return to its normal length. When this happens the blood flow and nerve conduction through the area where the muscle resides also returns to a normal state. When flexibility is reinstated many of the complaints will fade away.