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Knee & Leg pain, Rib Pain, Sinus Problem

A patient was was recently referred to me by another patient of mine. He came in with knee pain. Upon feeling the pulse I told him the knee is inflammed and swollen. This being the case despite the knee itself did not appear swollen or hot to the touch. The problem is on the inside of the joint, so of course nothing could be felt or seen outside. Fortunately Chinese Medicine pulse diagnosis circumvents this problem. As with most patients I told him if I cannot make some improvement in 4 visits then I'm not your doctor. After 4 treatments of herbs and acupuncture this patient has responded favorably. Increased range of motion and decrease in pain has allowed him to participate in some of the sports he had since abandoned.

The second case is leg pain patient. The pain is on the hip and thighs all the way to the side of the knee. Typically these patients get this problem not because of the problem in their leg, but because of the sciatic nerve in the back. This patient however I could not elicit the sciatic response, so it is a rare case of just simple thigh muscle tension. Of course this is only the case if he responds favorably to the treatment, which he fortunately did. Again, increased range of motion has given him more freedom in the sports he wants to do.

The 3rd case is rib pain. Rib pain is tricky stuff. Depending on where it is, sometimes organ problems may need to be looked into. This patient I took his pulse and came to the initial conclusion it should be just regional inflammation of the soft tissue between the rib bones. With 4 treatments of acupuncture and herbs he has been discharged from treatment because of 95% improvement.

The fourth case is a patient who was referred to me by another patient all the way out in North Vancouver. Initially the patient was coming for treatment of hand numbness which with acupuncture was quite successful because the problem came from a tight neck. Interestingly during the first visit without me being told, I took her pulse and told her something is wrong with her sinuses which proved to be case. It also causes her trouble during sleep. So as part of treatment I also gave her herbs for the sinus. After 2 visits her sleep has improved dramatically. Despite being very far away and not being able to come for regular treatment her improvement was still quite pronounced.