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Recent Cases

Recently I have incorporated a new style of acupuncture into my practice which has made my results in treating muscle pain and strain even better.

The first case is a female patient with lower back pain on the right side that did not respond to my typical protocol. After using the new method, the pain went almost completely away. I treated her only for 4 visits.

The 2nd patient is a young male athlete currently in a college sports team. I was actually quite really moved by his sports spirit; he was even training while he was on break back home. The calluses on his palms were a testament to his intense training. But with it came all the wear and tear and strain of muscles throughout the body. He has responded very well to my new approach; at about 8 visits all the pain and tightness has greatly improved. I'm sure he'll be back to create more records for his team after this.

The 3rd case is a middle aged female patient who complained of leg pain. I did some tests to elicit a positive response to conclude this was from the lower back, as is the case in the majority of patients. However she did not respond much to the typical protocol. I ended up using the new method to release all the pertinent leg muscles and that worked wonderfully.

The 4th case is not pain. It is two patients who have suffered from digestive problems for a while. Both of them can barely eat food due to intense upsurging of the stomach, causing vomiting, or burping. One patient got this problem seemingly for no apparent reason. I took her pulse and said while we can try to help you with herbs and acupuncture, you should still get it checked. The other patient got it from overdosing on pharmaceutical medications, which for the most part are damaging to the stomach. Apparently she overdosed because she was over prescribed by her MD. The first patient has improved quite well in a short period, while the 2nd patient has seen gradual but sustained improvement over a course of multiple visits. While both of them have similar symptoms, from their pulse, the pathology is different, and hence their herbs and acupuncture prescriptions are different.