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Arthritis, Cancer, Fatty Liver, Libido

It's been a while since I posted an update. I just recently returned from my clinical training in skin diseases in California under a world-famous Chinese Medicine dermatology expert. At the same time I've had some very challenging but rewarding cases recently.

The 1st case is a young female with chronic arthritis. Her medications no longer work to stop the inflammation and swelling of her fingers. Based on her pulse the problem is from poor blood circulation. This leads to sedimentation and deposition of toxic materials in the joints of her fingers until they get to a certain concentration to trigger an immune response leading to inflammation, pain and swelling. After 1 month of weekly herbal and acupuncture visits her pain is 100% gone. While I don't anticipate this to be the case for the majority, it seems to be the case for her.

The 2nd case is an on-going case. The patient has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer seemingly by accident. When she first came to see me for her digestive problem I told her that her pulse shows something wrong possibly in the spleen. I urged her to get an MRI or CT for best results just to rule out anything bad. While they didn't find anything wrong with the spleen they found something suspicious in her ovary. Further tests reveal stage 4 cancer. Unfortunately the good work I had done for her digestion was completely undone by the chemo. But thankfully after another few visits I have revamped her digestion back to a good level so hopefully she can carry through with conventional treatment.

The third case is a patient with fatty liver. This patient's pulse revealed severe blockage of her liver area. Fatty liver has caused her to feel tired easily. Currently she is responding well to herbs and acupuncture designed to improve circulation in the liver and help to carry out wastes and toxins accumulated there as a result of poor circulation. She has reported improved energy as a result of treatment and hopefully there will be some positive change once she goes back to have her liver checked.

The last case is even more interesting. From time to time I get cases of men coming to see me to help with their erection problems. These patients are difficult to treat because their problem is mostly from overuse. It is difficult for them to change their habit as it is often hard for them to realize that the body takes time to recharge; patience is often not their forte unfortunately. If one neglects this then overuse will eventually damage their body and lead to disuse. Things like viagra and cialis seek to perpetuate this illusion and I think patients are seriously putting their health at risk. However recently I had a patient coming to see me who told me he has no erection problems; his problem was lack of libido, or lack of desire. I checked his pulse and his blood pressure and I was shocked. The gentleman had severe obstruction in his gut and his heart rate is out of the roof. I would think he is harboring some serious infection in his body but perhaps it was due to the dirty stuff in his gut. I didn't treat his libido because the junk in his digestive tract needs to sweeped out first. And that has been the focus even up to this point. As a result of treatment his libido has emerged after a long time of absence. His heart rate has also significantly calmed down.