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Recent Cases

Recently a patient came to see me for severe gastric distress. The patient is plagued by nausea and vomiting and pain under the pit of the stomach. Initially I thought this might be pancreatitis but her endoscopy revealed esophagiitis. I use the Chinese herbs and acupuncture to open up the stagnation in the area where her food pipe enters the stomach and forced the qi of the stomach to move downward. The patient's pain is much better and vomiting is no more. She has also stopped her medication prescribed by the MD to control her acid.

Another patient came for high blood pressure in the 150/90 range. Her doctor wants her on blood pressure medication but I suggested her to try herbs first to see if we can reverse it, especially because this was only discovered recently. Most people who are on blood pressure medication end up on it indefinitively, and that is not a good thing. Her problem comes from her liver which was loaded with toxins. This leads to problems with nervous system in regulating her blood pressure. Initially with treatment the blood pressure went down to the low 130s. However there was fluctuation later on. Gradually however I was able to stabilize it at the low 130s. The problem is also closely related to her diet. I suggested her to have more vegetables and less meat if she wants to have stable blood pressure down the road and avoid coming back for treatment.

The case is an elderly patient on over 10 medications for too many things. Some of the medications might actually be redundant. From experience very few patients are willing to go off medications interestingly. They fear their health will suffer as a result even though they know the pills only mask the problem. This patient is different from the rest because she actually wanted to wean off the meds. Fortunately she was not on blood thinners otherwise that would have made it a bit problematic. The fact that she wasn't on blood thinners is by itself alone unbelievable considering the list of meds she takes. She initially came for sinus and headache issues but there were other problems throughout her body. Currently her sinus is draining and headache is much better. Now I am working on her digestion and sleep and she has already stopped 1 drug and on the way to wean off another couple.

The other patient had chronic vaginally bleeding. The constant loss of blood has severely deteriorated her overall state of health and MDs were considering even that her uterus needed to be removed. Bleeding from the uterus is quite a complicated issue even if it might look simple. The loss of blood and body fluids has made her pulse difficult to read. In treating this patient I had to take a very careful approach in the beginning. Once the bleeding was controlled the pulse was able to reveal more in terms of her underlying condition. Currently her bleeding has stopped although her period still trails on longer than usual. But just from the stopping of abnormal bleeding she is able to function so much better.