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Tinnitus can be described as a nerve-racking ailment which involves either constant or inconsistent ringing of the ears, either one-sided or double-sided. If severe it can potentially drive a person insane or at the very least cause a lot of mental unease and unrest.

I recently treated 2 cases of tinnitus. The first case was a returning patient who used to have severe gastric distress. After that was largely under control I did not hear back from her after a very long time. One day she called me to book an appointment and came to tell me that her digestion is a lot better but now recently she has been plagued by a constant pressure sensation in her ear that is driving her mad. The patient is naturally a person who tends to overworry and this ear problem made her concern about her hearing if it wasn't dealt with right away. The treatment was not initially successful until I linked her ear to her digestion. Soon thereafter the ear pressure was much better.

The 2nd case is another patient who started having this tinnitus and sounds in her ear after being subject to a loud machinery noise in her job. Ever since then the ringing in the ear continued and never stopped. The treatment was also not initially successful until the 4 visit when I decided to move the fluids in her ear as I believe, from the pulse, that there is a problem in the drainage system of the ear. By following this principle her tinnitus was finally able to improve.

The ear is an intricate organ. It has 3 compartments. The outer ear is the ear canal we can largely access with our fingers or a q-tip. The middle ear is behind the ear drum and is not a closed space because it has a hole called the eustachian tube that provides pressure balance between inside and outside this compartment. The inner ear is a fluid filled cavity that transmits sound signals to the brain through vibrations within the fluid as a result of sound waves travelling from the middle ear. In both of these cases I would say the problem all are confined to the middle ear.

It is also important to remember that treatments aren't magic bullets and improvements often take time. I remember one case a while ago too of a gentleman whose wife dragged him into my office under his severe reluctance to treat his ear tinnitus. Unfortunately the gentleman got this problem from a MVA in the past and while specialists all say there is nothing wrong with his ear, his ringing has driven him to the point that he believes he will have to live his life like this. He felt so hopeless and overtly negative that he was not able to bring himself to even at least do 4 weekly visits to see if I could help him, despite my encouragement. He came once only and I never heard from him since.