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Telemedicine for Long Distance/Overseas Patients

Post-Covid 19 Pandemic Revelations

At the time of writing, Covid 19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we go about our lives. Likewise is the way we conduct services. For patients who live far away, I am offering telemedicine herbal consults with corresponding herbs that are prescribed and sent to you without appointment requirement. Patients are only required to fill out an intake form and provide tongue photos, and answer any further questions if needed. A custom herbal medicine formula tailored to your needs will be formulated based on the information you provided. It's really simple.

Why this over in-person visits?

Covid 19 is not a simple transient flu. It is what we in Chinese Medicine called 'wen yi', which means an epidemic outbreak. Current reports and research show that Covid 19 is indeed deadly. It is so because of the following:

  • ease of transmission, not wearing a mask is extremely dangerous to yourself and others, if your mask is not worn properly or if the mask has some faults there is also inherent danger
  • extremely lethal to all organs of the body, especially of the lung
  • damage to organs will probably last a very very long time
  • immunity lasts for only a few months, leading to possible reinfection if not careful
  • super carriers who are asymptomatic and do not wear masks poses even a greater danger to all places and all peoples they have gotten in contact with
  • the lack of strict mandatory enforcement of wearing masks and social distancing in North America is an extremely high inherent danger in terms of resurgence at any time, and especially if public and business locations reopen
  • Avoiding public places as much as possible, social distancing and wearing masks, and washing hands thoroughly is currently probably the best measure to protect yourself. In other words, going out in public or inside small spaces will pose some degree of danger to you, even if you have done all your precautionary measures. Nothing is 100%.

    So currently I am not offering acupuncture to patients because of all this uncontrollable factors. Nobody can guarantee who anyone has gotten in contact with what or have gone anywhere else or if they have always done their precautionary measures well 100% of the time. In terms of acupuncture services Chinese medicine can also substitute it. You do not have to go get acupuncture for everything. And in doing so you should be aware that you are putting yourself in danger's path as you do not know who has visited the clinic you are going to. Many practitioners are reluctant to open but open anyway for various reasons. This is why many MD offices are still closed.

    How does this compare to in-person visits?

    Chinese Medicine based on your symptoms, health history and clear visual photos of your tongue are sufficient to formulate herb medicine treatments as many practicing TCMs base their prescriptions solely on this, without need for tactile inspections(no touching).

    How long is the treatment?

    Herbal medicine is usually done at weekly intervals of 4 weeks, one month at a time. Your progress is evaluated and then the next phase is considered(or discontinued if no obvious improvements are present).

    What kind of problems is this suitable for?

    Essentially almost all chronic conditions are suitable

    What are the fees?

    Fees are $60/consult with herbs included. If you pay by credit card then is $62. Shipping fees not included. A 3.33% fee will be added to the shipping fee if you pay by credit card. Please refer to the fees section below for details.
    For Canadians the above cost will be in Canadian Dollars, and for Americans the above amount will be in USD.

    How do I get my herbs? What are the shipping costs?

    If you live near my address you can come pick up the herbs. If you live farther out, herbs are shipped to you directly from the central pharmacy that I work with. Shipping costs apply.

  • Greater Vancouver Area: $12
  • Outlying cities 1-4 hours drive away from GVRD: $15
  • rest of BC: $17
  • Alberta: $20
  • Saskatchewan+Manitoba: $25
  • Ontario+Quebec: $30
  • maritime provinces: $35
  • USA: $10 USD standard for continental USA
  • Delivery times: typically not over 1 week for whole of Canada and USA, rest of world depend on the processing speed of your local customs and delivery institution
  • Is there any risk?

    As with all medical services practitioners do not guarantee any outcomes and only try their best to help the patient. I am offering this service because I realize that Chinese Medicine is not an immediate service that people can get where they live. And Acupuncture sometimes do not suffice for certain issues. Or it could be the case that you have exhausted the options that are available near you and cannot make the trip to farther away places for treatments. In many places Chinese Medicine and/or acupuncture is only available in major cities.

    How do you take payment?

    Etransfer or credit card. When sending etransfer. Etransfer please send payment to tcmclinic12@gmail.com. Credit Card a separate payment invoice will be sent to you to your email from which you can pay online securely. For Americans the invoiced amount will be in CAD but will reflect the amount stated above when you convert to USD. The conversion rate will be based on the current rate of the time of invoicing.

    Intake form page: here

    Print it out and fill it out and then send it to tcmclinic12@gmail.com along with your tongue photo top and bottom sides.